Welcome to the 37th America’s Cup Barcelona Official Exhibition Center!
In this unique space you can experience the excitement and adrenaline of the America’s Cup sailing race, the most important regatta in the world, in a unique and interactive way, from sailing simulators to immersive wave and wind zones.

Discover the history of the America’s Cup and the teams that compete in it, and learn how the boats are built and what technologies are used to fly above the sea.

Immersive Area
A truly immersive experience in which to enter the heart of the America’s Cup thanks, above all, to a 360° sensory show and a film specially developed for the occasion, bringing all the emotions of the competition to the surface. This part of the experience is made up of large screens that allow you to travel into the depths of the America’s Cup.
Access to the Immersive Space is every 15 minutes, the approximate duration of the visit is 30 minutes.


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Immersive Experience

An authentic visual and sensory show where you can connect with the sport and the power of the sea through a projection on a 128m2 screen2, thanks to a piece created in collaboration with Onionlab.

The public will be able to feel firsthand all the emotion and relationship that exists between man and the sea. This second room of the ticketed experience is based on movement, interaction, light and, once again, technology, to transmit all the emotions of the competition and make them accessible to everyone.
Duration: 7 minutes

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A multimedia gallery composed of 100 monitors of different formats, synchronized with each other, envelop the visitor and explain how the competition has evolved and changed throughout history.These monitors, synchronized with each other, surround the visitor and explain how the competition has evolved and changed throughout history. These monitors are located both on the wall and on the ceiling, generating the sensation of a digital wave over our heads.

Through blocks of information we travel from 1851 to 2024, 173 years of history and 37 editions. Videos and images present the celebrations throughout these years, the equipment and ways of sailing, the crews, the boats and much more.

Duration: 7 minutes

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One Hell of a Battle

Exclusively for the occasion, an exciting 10-minute production has been produced to present the America’s Cup to the public in the most spectacular way possible, thanks to a 611m2 screen2, the second largest screen in Europe and the largest in Spain, state-of-the-art 4K format and the bestsurround sound systems.This combination of technology and stunning images of the competition transports the viewer to the Formula 1 of the sea, to the point of feeling part of a crew that lives a special experience.
Duration: 10 minutes

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In this area the visitor discovers Barcelona’s America’s Cup in all its facets, through 5 stages that include interactive screens, 3D model projections andother elements to discover the competition. other elements to discover the competition.



Welcome Hall

At the beginning of the tour, the visitor is immersed in the heart of the competition with the representation of two AC75 boats in match race and a large 5x8m LED screen, capable of broadcasting live races, where you can already preview a small teaser of the 360º immersive experience.

At the end of the first space, there is a life-size recreation of the America´s Cup trophy, the dream shared by the 6 teams participating in this competition edition after edition. In the same area, a wall crowns the space with the phrase ”There is no second”, America´s Cup motto.

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The Competition

America´s Cup is the most outstanding and special regatta in the world, its first edition was in 1851 and since then there have been more than 30 editions. Teams from different countries compete in it and it has a very specific format and rules. At this point of the experience, the operation of the regattas, their rules and formats are explained in a detailed and entertaining way, always guiding the user through the facilities and interaction offered by technology.

For this purpose, different audiovisual contents are projected in this area on a large-format monitor. a large-format monitorThe video introductory to the competition, capable of transporting the public to the heart of the regatta, will be shown in this area.

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The Teams

The America’s Cup 2024 teams are the elite of sailing at the forefront of technology and innovation. Each of these teams, made up of the best sailors on the planet, combine their strengths with the design of their boats and the most refined technology to offer unique and spectacular competitions.

Through 6 totems with interactive screens, the crew members belonging to each team competing in the 37th America’s Cup Barcelona are presented to the visitor: Emirates Team New Zealand, Ineos Britannia, Alinghi Red Bull Racing, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team, NYYC American Magic and Orient Express Racing Team. And on the back of each totem can be seen the actual equipment of the crew members.

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Ships and Technology

The America’s Cup is first and foremost a technological competition since its first edition in 1851. The results of these innovations were then exported to traditional yachting, allowing a major advance in the construction and mechanics of the boats.

In the third phase of the exhibition area, several screens and modules project audiovisual content with information about this technological ‘battle’ between teams, and two models of historic boats from the sailing event show visitors the importance of innovative developments in this competition: the AC75 and the AC40.

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