Are you ready for the America’s Cup? At America’s Cup Experience, you will discover the world’s most spectacular nautical sporting event! You will be able to travel through various interactive spaces that will allow you to discover uniquely and experientially the secrets of the oldest competition in the world, the participating teams, and, above all, the technology that makes the boats fly above the sea! Moreover, the exclusive production of One Hell of a Battle movie will make you feel the excitement and adrenaline of this amazing regatta. Discover, learn, and enjoy this unique experience.

Official Exhibition of the 37th America’s Cup Barcelona.

At the start of the course, you will be engaged in the heart of the competition. The first thing you’ll see is a recreation of the Hundred Guineas Cup, the competition’s prized trophy.

This is a visual and sensory spectacle that connects you with sailing and the power of the sea through a projection on a 128m2 screen.

More than 50 informative blocks will take you on a journey through 173 years of history, from 1851 to 2024. Discover the history of the competition over the years, the teams, the crews, the boats, and much more.

Enjoy a thrilling 10-minute production that represents the essence of the America’s Cup in the most spectacular and special way possible on Europe’s second-largest screen.

This area projects different audiovisual content on a large-format monitor. An introductory video of the competition will transport you to the heart of the regatta.

Six totems with interactive screens reveal the crew members of each team in the 37th America’s Cup. On the back, you can see their official suits.

In the exhibition area, you can learn everything you want to know about the technology and the teams behind the “Formula 1 of the Sea.” You will have a lot of information about the race at your disposal.

Feel the excitement of the boats that fly over the sea! Experience the adrenaline of the competition with our VR simulators and experience the exciting world of the America’s Cup.

Complement your visit

In this space, our chef, Albert Ventura, has specially prepared a Mediterranean gastronomic proposal for the occasion. There are exclusive dishes and signature America’s Cup cocktails.

Discover the official and exclusive collection in our official store: T-shirts, caps and nautical merchandising. Get the best of the competition and wear the spirit of the most exciting regatta in the world. The store is free to access.

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